Ken Sasaki
Kenny Sasaki & The Tiki Boys

Born >>> Yokohama, Japan in 1962
Residence >>> Tokyo

I started taking piano lessons at age 3 and continued until I switched to guitar when I first heard the Beatles at the age of 8. My music background is probably 90% from U.S. and U.K., because I always listened to radio music programs on FEN (American Forces Network) everyday in my childhood. I spent all my money on Beatles records when I was in a primary school. When I formed my first band at the age of 13, my main instrument was switched to bass, because I had to teach guitar to my band members. After that I played bass in several bands through my teenage years, playing rock, pop, funk, etc.
When I was 23, I debut as a bassist of a band for a major record company in Japan. After releasing one album and 5 singles, the band was over in the middle of the 5-year contract.
Then, I began to work as a composer/music director for Film, TV, etc. I had been doing that kind of music work for 20 years. Also, I played bass in a local blues/rock band in Yokohama and a rock instrumental band in Tokyo in my 30’s.
In 2002, I released my first solo album “Tiki Moon/Kenny Sasaki & The Tiki Boys”. Since then, I have released five albums and one EP as “Kenny Sasaki & The Tiki Boys” and one album as Ken Sasaki.


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